Internoise 2022 Buddy Scheme

Deadline for online registrations is 12th August

Would you like to attend Internoise 2022 but are nervous about going to an international conference? Perhaps you’re the only person from your company or university department going and you want to make the most of your experience by making sure you know someone as soon as you get there?

Or maybe you remember your first conference and wished there had been someone you could meet at the start of it to show you the ropes and explain what happens, and maybe introduce you to some of their peers?

The Institute of Acoustics Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (EDI WG) and Early Careers Group (ECG) are putting together a Buddy Scheme for Internoise 2022. This scheme is to enable people who are not confident about attending the conference (‘buddies’) to have a point of contact (‘mentor’) throughout the conference starting with the breakfast on the first day.

Each mentor will be grouped with two buddies. Buddies and mentors will be encouraged to have a video call to get to know each other a little before the conference and then will meet at the ECG Breakfast on the Monday morning of the conference, or at a more convenient time arranged by all parties in advance, if required.”

Where possible, buddies and mentors will be grouped according to language requirements and specialist acoustic interests, if desired.

Sign up as a buddy or mentor when you register.

The Breakfast is made possible thanks to the support of The UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+)