Early Careers' Workshops

Don’t miss the following sessions organised by Early Careers’ Group.

Professional Development Session

The event will introduce non-technical topics frequently encountered by researchers and practitioners alike throughout their career. The invited speakers will be discussing their approach to the topic, drawing on their years of experience in the field. The discussions will be valuable to those relatively inexperienced in the topic as well as those looking to refine and expand on their existing knowledge.

Each speaker will present for 15 minutes, covering topics such as technical report writing and evaluation, uncertainties, team working and communication, journals and getting published, grant writing and ethics in research. The presentations will be followed by a panel session expanding on the topics above.


Stephen Turner

Technical Report Writing and Evaluation


Prof David Waddington



Prof Lily Wang

Team Working and Communication


Dr Li Cheng

Getting Published


Prof Patricia Davies

Grant Writing


Prof Robert Benrhard


15:10 – 15:40 Coffee break



Panel discussion


Measurements and Methods Workshop

The Measurements and Methods Workshop will provide an introduction to the use of various complex measurement systems, hosted by invited experts. The seminars will focus on a practical overview of the technologies for use in research as well as academia.

Each session will be 40 minutes in length, covering microphone arrays and acoustic cameras, psychoacoustic measurements, synchronisation in multi-sensor measurements and the use of virtual reality in acoustics.


Fabio Cassagrande

Microphone Arrays and Acoustics


Roalt Aalmoes

VR in Acoustics


Psychoacoustic Measurements

Miguel Pedroche


Synchronisation in multi-sensory measurements

Tyler Dare

Panel discussion: The future of Acoustics education and training

Chair: Peter Rogers
Panel Members: Bob Bernhard, Trevor Cox, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Simon Gage, Josie Nixon

Sponsors of the Early Careers' Events

Monday 22 August - Early Careers' Breakfast Social

Location: Mezzanine, SEC
Time: 07:00 – 09:00
Cost to Attend: Free, but must be pre-booked

This is an excellent chance for you to connect with early careers delegates, professionals, and mentors over coffee and breakfast.  It’s a perfect opportunity to start the conference day and get to know your peers. 

Monday 22 August - Early Careers' Social Event

Location: Platform253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL
Time: 19:30 – 23:00
Cost to Attend: Free, but must be pre-booked

Get together informally with your peers from all around the world and enjoy a drink and some food in an informal setting.